About “The Lost Coast Tapes”

“The Lost Coast Tapes” is sure to be the next most talked about film and will bring together fans of horror and suspense.  Produced by New Breed Entertainment in association with Matriarch Multimedia Group, this exciting project is already gaining a noticeable buzz online.  This film is currently in post-production with an anticipated release date of 2012.


Sean Reynolds, an eager Television Host, is on a mission to debunk famed Bigfoot hunter Carl Drybeck, who claims to possess the body of a dead Sasquatch. When the team arrives in Northern California they are immediately thrilled — Drybeck’s zealous belief in his hoax is going to make for a wildly entertaining episode of campy-paranormal television. 

However, when Drybeck’s hunting partner is mysteriously attacked, the team is left alone and reality begins to set in. The evidence is stacking up, Drybeck’s theory may not be a hoax, and the existence of Bigfoot might just be the least of their worries.

  Shot on location in the region of the world’s largest concentration of Bigfoot sightings and based on the real accounts of locals, THE LOST COAST TAPES reveals a new truth about America’s oldest living legend.

  1. Jason says:


    Your movie sounds very cool! I’m co-host of a radio show/podcast called Film Reviews From the Basement, which focuses on genre films and B-movies. We’d love to do a feature interview with you about your film for our second season, which airs in the fall. Fire me off an email and let’s talk about it. Hope to hear from you!


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