#ThursdayTapes 11: Baby Bigfoot in Craw of Tree

Posted: September 15, 2011 in #thursdaytapes
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In #ThursdayTapes 11 William Evans is a Sasquatch researcher who has been attempting to capture a family of Bigfoot on film. In 2007, Evans was working at a location in northern California. He is convinced that the creatures understand the dangers associated with a hand-held camera, so he has developed a method called dowsing, in which the camera is held at the hip. The baby Bigfoot video was taken with the camera located on his hip. The clip is short and apparently shows a baby Sasquatch hiding in the craw of a tree. It is claimed that two other Bigfoot are present in the video.

What to Look For

The video begins with William Evans walking towards a tree after witnessing a Bigfoot. The creature is unseen in the clip, but located next to the large tree. Evans then sees a baby figure located in the craw of a tree and pans the camera in on the object. By proportion, it is pretty big. When watching the video for the first time it is hard to identify the creature. Pause the clip at 1:12 and you can get a clear view of the baby’s face. It has its mouth open and the stick is covering a portion of the figures right eye. It is a short clip, as the filmmaker is said to have felt threatened.

William Evans captured the footage by using a process in which he travels through the thick forests until he feels an unusual presence. He then scans the woods with a hip cam. The video has been called the closest and clearest face shot of a Sasquatch available to the public. The baby Sasquatch shows a brow ridge, a human nose, gray knuckles, and no whites in the eyes. Similar to other Sasquatch videos, it appears to have a small coned head and gray skin on the face. In the clip, the figures eyes and mouth can be seen moving. Evans has claimed that two other creatures were present at the scene. It is hard to see, but a Bigfoot shaped creature may be in a nearby tree.

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