#ThursdayTapes 8: Memorial Day Footage

Posted: August 25, 2011 in #thursdaytapes
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In #ThursdayTapes 8 A well known Sasquatch encounter was filmed in the U.S. state of Washington in 1996. It was captured by Lori Pate with a Hi-8mm video recorder. The clip is one of the most studied and scrutinized videos every taken. According to statements given by the witnesses, a series of loud vocalizations were heard for approximately five minutes prior to the figure being filmed running across the field. Before the clip begins, the humanoid was seen moving from the forest line to a position behind a large tree. Similar to other videos in this article, the slowed down analysis of the action is extremely important to help understand what is happening. It is not available on YouTube, but this included link has a clip with information provided by the Facebook Bigfoot organization.

What to Look For

The video starts with the camera panning in on a humanoid figure running across a large open wooded area. The creature appears to be moving at a fast speed and performs a large jump as it travels across the hill. A still image captured during the sequence is detailed. It shows a figure with a clear coned head, arms down to the knees, a brow ridge, gray hands and uniform black color. During the leap section of the video, it appears that the creature’s back leg performs a hyperextension of the foot, consistent with the mid-tarsal break and an animal that can pick objects up with its feet.

It appears that the humanoid has a compliant gait, with a bizarre looking walking motion. The compliant gait becomes visible when the objects front leg bends during a step. When people walk or run our front legs are straight. The figure runs with an up and down motion and displays some serious arm swinging. In the footage, the humanoid can be seen disappearing behind a hill for a short amount of time and then reemerging from the opposite side. It then continues to walk into the forest. A strange occurrence happens at this point in the clip. It seems that the figure’s size grows by a substantial amount as it enters the woods. With the enlarged video, many details of the last sequence become identifiable.

As soon as the hominoid is filmed emerging from behind the hill, it has a small object on its back, which appears to be a child. In a frame by frame analysis, the baby can be seen crawling up the larger creature’s back and standing on its shoulders, giving the original Bigfoot a taller appearance. The recovery of the child in the footage helps explain why the Sasquatch put itself at risk in open daylight. A recurring theme in many Bigfoot videos is the presence of a baby or family member. It has been determined that the figure in the Memorial Day footage is 5.3 feet tall.

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