#ThursdayTapes 7: Great North Figure

Posted: August 18, 2011 in #thursdaytapes
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#ThursdayTapes 7 shows a 2001 documentary; The Great North that was filmed in the IMAX format. The film is a representation of the famous Robert Flaherty documentary, Nanook of the North, which is a detailed account of the Inuit people who lived off the frigid landscape of the Arctic North. In Great North, Nanook’s grandson is the narrator. He takes the viewers on a great adventure through the rich majesty of the Canadian setting, along with the breathtaking and awesome landscape of the freezing, snow-covered environment. Great North looks at the long-standing traditions of the Inuit people, such as fishing and hunting.

The documentary was filmed near Inukjuak, on Hudson Bay in northern Quebec and also in Ontario. Great North has gained notoriety for a brief clip of an unexplained animal shown 9 minutes and 18 seconds into the film. The creature can be seen running alongside a herd of caribou as they flee up a steep hill. The animal appears to be a solid black color and has a gorilla like stride. The footage was filmed in Ontario, Canada, where gorillas and chimpanzees do not live. The video was captured with an advanced IMAX camera that has the capacity to record and display images at a far greater size and resolution than conventional film systems.

What to Look For

The scene in question shows footage of a great caribou migration. In the background of the shot, not far from where the caribou are running across a large stream, a black figure emerges from an unseen ditch and runs parallel to the ungulates for a short distance, before ducking down and disappearing from view. The creature can then be seen making a 90 degree turn to the left and traveling up the hill.

Similar to other Bigfoot videos, claims have been made that the original footage of the event has been suppressed from release. With the IMAX camera, it is possible to enlarge digital images with great clarity. Pictures of the creature could be produced with great precision, accuracy, and substantial detail. These images could then be shared with the public. However, the documentation of such evidence has not been released and may not suit the scientific world. Many different websites have identified the creature as a film crew member wearing a backpack who was discreetly positioned to direct the caribou herds. As the sun hits the figure, a much more detailed profile is made. As the creature drops out of sight, it can be seen touching the top of its head. The video remains controversial and could show a Sasquatch hunting for food in the great north.

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